• 1992 The Public Media Foundation, a tax-exempt, non-profit organization based in Boston, began producing a series of thirty-minute audio dramatizations of short stories by American writers. The plays were designed for broadcast on National Public Radio, where they aired on over one hundred public radio stations. Valerie Henderson, executive director of PMF, secured funding for the dramatizations mostly from grants offered by state humanities councils.
  • 1994 The PMF decided, because of the enthusiastic response of funders and audiences, to produce only dramatizations of American women’s literature. With this vision, the Scribbling Women series was born.
  • 1995 The PMF published The Scribbling Women Multi-Media Education Kit – ten dramatizations placed on cassette tapes accompanied by a booklet of curriculum and lesson plans. These were prepared by Dr. Lucinda  MacKethan, of North Carolina State University and Dr. James A. Miller, of George Washington University, DC., who became permanent senior consultants for the site. Five state humanities councils funded the site (see Acknowledgements).
  • 1999 The Scribbling Women website (www.scribblingwomen.org) was launched, funded in part by a major grant from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The website offered dramatizations in streaming audio together with curriculum and lesson plans prepared by the senior consultants. Within eighteen months, the traffic on the site soared from an average of eighteen thousand hits a month to an average of half a million hits a month.  Using the websites and presenters that included playwrights, scholars, and educators, popular teacher workshops were held in Boston, Greenwich CN, and Raleigh, NC.
  • 2005 The Public Media Foundation was invited to house its office on Northeastern University’s campus in Boston,  where Valerie Henderson continued to secure funding, actors, directors, and scholars to produce new plays.
  • 2013  Valerie Henderson retired and the PMF closed down its operations. Lucinda MacKethan and Deborah Hooker accepted their offer to donate the site and to develop it, keeping the plays and their materials exactly as created, with two new co-sponsors, the Women and Gender Studies program and the English Department, both in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at NC  State University. In its new  home, scribblingwomen.org hopes to continue the tradition of excellence represented by the radio play series and to offer new perspectives on and outlets for American women’s writing.